The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council was established on 1st of June, 1984 to Regulate, Supervise and Develop the System of Higher Secondary Education ( + 2 stage ) in the State of Assam.


  1. To prescribe curricula ( scheme of studies ), syllabus and courses of instruction for Higher Secondary stage which may be in a college / Higher Secondary school.
  2. To conduct examination based on such course
  3. To admit to its examinations, on condition that may be prescribed by regulations, candidates who have pursued the prescribed courses of instruction and also to take such disciplinary action against candidates as may be prescribed by regulations.
  4. To demand and receive such fees as may be prescribed by the regulations.
  5. To publish the result of its examination.
  6. To grant certificate to students passing the examinations.
  7. To institute and award scholarships, prize etc.
  8. To prescribed and select text books and supplementary books.
  9. To lay down conditions of recognition of Higher Secondary School and Junior College.
  10. To recognize H S School and to withdraw such recognition.
  11. To take such disciplinary action as it think fit against institution as prescribed by regulations.
  12. To adopt measures for study and examination problems in fields of Higher Secondary education.
  13. To advise the Government on physical, moral and social Welfare of students in recognize institutions and to prescribe conditions of their residence and discipline.
  14. To prescribe necessary qualifications of teachers in recognized Higher Secondary Schools.
  15. To receive grants from the Government and donations from private and individuals or associations for specific or general purpose.
  16. To call for reports from Director of Public Instruction ( DSE ) regarding the conditions of recognized institutions or of institutions applying for recognition.
  17. To advise the Government on re-organization and development of H S Education.
  18. To advise the Government relating to any matter within the provision of this act on which Government may consult the Council.
  19. To appoint officers and other employees of the Council and to prescribe by regulations the terms and conditions of their services.
  20. To institute by regulations for the benefit of its officers and other employees such pension, gratuity and provident fund as it may be deem fit in such manner and subject to such conditions as may be prescribe by regulations.
  21. To delegate any of its powers to any committee constituted under the act.
  22. To administer the H S Education Council Fund.
  23. To receive, purchase and held any property, movable or immovable which may become vested in it and to dispose of all or any of the property movable or immovable belonging to it and also to do all other act incidental or appertaining thereto.
  24. To deal such acts and things as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of this act.


The Council has a full time Chairman who is the chief executive of the Council. The Chairman is appointed by the State Government for a term of three years, which may be extended for another period of three years. The Secretary of the Council is the principal Administrative officer and is responsible for all matters pertaining to general Administration, Establishment, legal matters, Accounts, Public relation, Grievance redressel, affiliation and property of the Council. The Controller of Examinations is responsible for all matters concerning examination administration as well as confidential work of examination,. And the other positions are as below:-
  • Joint Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Academic officer
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Internal Auditor
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • P A
  • U D A
  • L D A
  • Grade IV
  • Duftry
  • Sweeper
  • Driver